Friday, February 24, 2017

Google censors Natural News

Sorry for the wait I've been in vegas on business. Well this is worrisome to see. This should be number one on r/conspiracy, interesting its already disappeared from the front page. Natural news has always been a valuable, objective, and thorough source of info. With Trump as president Im sure these elites and big corporations feel that they can now get away with this type of censorship. On one hand because everyone is only focussed on Trump, and on the other that Trump seems to have no objections to any censorship regardless.  Considering that they target this site first just shows their standards. Lets spread the word, and make a big deal about this. This is probably just the beginning, lets stop it in it's tracks!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

Well heres that same agent, and our favorite host, Alex Jones...sense sarcasm. So this is the official anti story right now. Trump could save us all if it wasn’t for these known power elites, attempting to subvert him. This guy seems honest, I truly believe he believes this is what's best for this country, and he may be right. He is an ex CIA agent. Just some things to take into consideration first. 
Here he is confused that Trump has become isolated, while this makes sense on one hand, he's the president, it is worrisome considering the situation. He also mentions he's disappointed with Trumps willingness to engage foreign states and reluctance to admit that the true enemy is right here at home. This is interesting to me, it all sounds symptomatic of Trump being compromised in some way, this is a conclusion I have come to independently. 
I'm not convinced that Trump is the savior everyone is saying he is. While we should be open to this idea, at least consider it. I think that these groups, the deep state, illuminati are probably using reverse psychology, knowing the masses need for someone to follow and disdain for the msm, they engineered an anti hero. After having to steal the election from Sanders, maybe they realized Hillary wasnt the right fit for the job, she sure wasnt another Obama. At least Trump has supporters, also a more authoritarian image, they can surely make use of. These clubs are cut throat, if they decide certain groups, or people have served their purpose and are no longer needed, they will feed them to the animals. They always stay at a distance from these assets. So when things fall apart they can claim plausible deniability.
By pitting their puppets against him, and media against him making Trump look like the public enemy on one hand, and the peoples savior on the other, he potentially becomes a very useful tool for them, they need villains. Or even if he's not connected to them, they can still use him to their advantage. 
One way we can know for sure is to watch the moves he makes regarding pizzagate. This is the one issue that makes me think theres a chance he's not under their control. One other thing I think I should mention, is the possibility that even pizzagate itself is some sort of psy op. I know this sounds implausible, and there is obviously some elites freaking out about it, this will be something I will go into further details and evidence soon.
One of these occult groups favorites motto's is order out of chaos. They need to create the chaos first before they can clean up the mess afterwords, and instill their order, under their terms. Could he be the chaos they need? Or am I wrong? I will write more about this soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Former CIA officer explains the 7 factions within

In showing how truly chaotic these agencies are, I think he highlights the elites use of divide and conquer. Instead of having one cia do all their dirty work and know all of their secrets, they have seven cia's, so none of these agents know the full story. Not to mention all the other similar agencies and subdivisions. That way they get results and the agents don't become liabilities. This pyramid scheme, where everyone thinks they know what's going on, but really no one does is probably the most effective strategy that these shadow groups have learned to use.  So crazy, at first I was skeptical but everything he says adds up, his credentials do too.  He seems genuine and he would know. I would say he's spot on. This actually makes me feel optimistic, at least there are some agents like this. Time to abolish this worthless agency!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

JFK to 9/11. The essential history lesson they forgot to teach us in school.

This film does a great job explaining the Kennedy assassination, from the major players involved, to how the shooting played out. Both this assassination and 9/11 were such sloppy jobs, it just goes to show how far money and brutality will get you, when the media is in your pocket, you decide what is truth. It also summarizes the dealings of these criminal enterprises. Focusing on their known relations, from Nazi Germany, to the American mob. Presenting a clear concise, convincing alternative, from what is taught in our school curriculum. If you want to get to the truth behind these conspiracies, this film has done its research, the evidence is undeniable. We have to hope that these people are realizing they cant win this fight. In the mean time we must ask who is Donald Trump, is he just another rich man's trick?

Edit:If you can at least try and watch the first hour of this film, its totally fascinating. It shows that the same people who killed Kennedy, funded the Nazi's in WW2 or basically created them in order to take care of the soviet threat. Which makes sense considering the Nazi's occult connections, their entire army was basically an extension of skull and bones, or at least acting on there behest.

Monday, February 6, 2017

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Rothschild Central Bankers Global Govern...

The line between whats considered conspiracy and fact is getting thinner and thinner. If money buys power, and these people print money. Imagine what they can do with the amount they have at their disposal, with intelligence agencies at their bidding. This is a very real, very big problem.