Monday, May 1, 2017

Just a reminder of the hidden agenda behind Hollywood, and another good example of the many connections between intelligence agencies and propaganda

Ben Affleck and Matt Damons, deep connection w CIA and the power elite.
Photo above shows both actors, holding a private screening of Good Will Hunting with then president Bill Clinton. This was long before either actor had reached anything close to the amount of fame or recognition they now hold, so I wonder what are two no name actors doing screening a movie with the president at his private hunting ranch?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Batman's great-grandfather founded Skull and Bones

Our media has always been entrenched with references to the Occult. You could argue that Hollywood itself was brought about by these groups. Hollywood was originally a type of wood that was used like wands in rituals, so it's not hard to guess where the name was derived from, and the idea behind it. First of all this was episode 33, the most significant occult number. The name of the episode is "Fine Finny Friends" Gamatria is a common esoteric practice of assigning numbers to letters, f is the sixth letter in the alphabet. So the 666 allusion in the title really ties it together and shows you just what they had in mind here. There is literally thousands of other examples just like this in movies and television dating back to Metropolis in 1927, I could create a whole blog just about these. I picked this one because it proves some very important things. First of all this has been going on for a long time. Just knowing this can help put all the modern day media and illuminati symbolism into perspective. There has always has been a very deliberate effort by the corporate media to push this esoteric agenda. What's scary about this to me isn't so much the mention of skull and bones as being founded by Batmans Grampa, it's how much intention they put into making all these hidden connections and how sneaky they thought they were being, of course looking back on it now it's painfully obvious.

Now lets remember skull and bones not only played an unparrelled role in JFK's assassination, but also was instrumental is Hitlers rise to power.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Syria deception

  These pictures speak volumes. When you hear that the US is funding ISIS, this is what it looks like. These people are literally pawns, or assets for our intelligence agencies, probably the CIA. When we keep hearing all these reports about the white helmets apparent misconduct, it starts to make a lot more sense when we see this. I don't have time to go too deep, but I really don't have to. The media is getting pretty good at discrediting itself. I find it suspiscious that these white helmets were first on scene for this civillian gas attack and had camera's and media with them almost immediately. It is a known fact we have been trying to oust assad by funding ISIS, I dont even need to post a link, just do a little research. So i find it a little more than suspiscious that as soon as we begin peace talks with assad and things are beginning to calm, he would gas his own people, in broad daylight, for apparently no reason. Much more likely this was a false flag of some sort, or orchestrated by ISIS to get US more involved. This is our interest in regime change as far as I can tell. Its not national or humanitarian. Its for oil, to protect big businesses, and to have our two best buddies back, Israel and Saudi Arabia, both who would never dream of using inhumane tactics against their citizens🙄......oh the Irony.

Edit: Canadian activist who is familiar with Syria, explains whats really happening

Friday, April 7, 2017

VICE’s Fall From Counterculture Hipster Rag To Neoliberal Mouthpiece

In light of recent events it's very important to realize the part the media plays in influencing our opinion, without us even realizing.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where is Johnny?

After hearing so many stories involving missing children, where the police, feds and other such authorities seem to be anywhere from careless and negligent to actually be intentionally sabotaging them. Certain cases really begin stick out. None so much as the story of Johnny Gosch, where after years missing, a grown man showed up at his mothers doorstep, read this and then try and honestly tell me this is all bs. As I've said recently said I'm far too busy to put my own words to this, but this story really speaks for itself. so I will leave some links. Heres a quick briefing, and heres a lot more!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

I know I said goodbye but.....

There is just too much going on, to go completely silent. Now with this new shop Im opening. I've gotta watch what I post on my fb for just a bit, I dont want to scare away any potential customers. So busy as I am, I will continue to post interesting articles and videos here when I can, I just might not be able to articulate my thoughts as well. Heres a good one, our boy Aaron Schwartz, a  21st century martyr in the purest form.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

My apologies

I will be very busy for these next few months, so I will unfortunately have to hang up the gloves for a bit. Or hopefully use this new business opportunity as an outlet to channel the same spirit this blog has created, through different means. I am starting a new business plan which will focus on art, expression, and community. Ive always been artistically inclined and I've finally decided to learn the adobe software. Learning this software on top of starting this new business up will take most of my time, I will try to post here when I can. Keep up the good fight, stay aware, and stay true, by any means necessary. Thanks for the support, keep an eye on my new art blog! The Tao of Anarchy  although for now my business will come first.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Google censors Natural News

Sorry for the wait I've been in vegas on business. Well this is worrisome to see. This should be number one on r/conspiracy, interesting its already disappeared from the front page. Natural news has always been a valuable, objective, and thorough source of info. With Trump as president Im sure these elites and big corporations feel that they can now get away with this type of censorship. On one hand because everyone is only focussed on Trump, and on the other that Trump seems to have no objections to any censorship regardless.  Considering that they target this site first just shows their standards. Lets spread the word, and make a big deal about this. This is probably just the beginning, lets stop it in it's tracks!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

Well heres that same agent, and our favorite host, Alex Jones...sense sarcasm. So this is the official anti story right now. Trump could save us all if it wasn’t for these known power elites, attempting to subvert him. This guy seems honest, I truly believe he believes this is what's best for this country, and he may be right. He is an ex CIA agent. Just some things to take into consideration first. 
Here he is confused that Trump has become isolated, while this makes sense on one hand, he's the president, it is worrisome considering the situation. He also mentions he's disappointed with Trumps willingness to engage foreign states and reluctance to admit that the true enemy is right here at home. This is interesting to me, it all sounds symptomatic of Trump being compromised in some way, this is a conclusion I have come to independently. 
I'm not convinced that Trump is the savior everyone is saying he is. While we should be open to this idea, at least consider it. I think that these groups, the deep state, illuminati are probably using reverse psychology, knowing the masses need for someone to follow and disdain for the msm, they engineered an anti hero. After having to steal the election from Sanders, maybe they realized Hillary wasnt the right fit for the job, she sure wasnt another Obama. At least Trump has supporters, also a more authoritarian image, they can surely make use of. These clubs are cut throat, if they decide certain groups, or people have served their purpose and are no longer needed, they will feed them to the animals. They always stay at a distance from these assets. So when things fall apart they can claim plausible deniability.
By pitting their puppets against him, and media against him making Trump look like the public enemy on one hand, and the peoples savior on the other, he potentially becomes a very useful tool for them, they need villains. Or even if he's not connected to them, they can still use him to their advantage. 
One way we can know for sure is to watch the moves he makes regarding pizzagate. This is the one issue that makes me think theres a chance he's not under their control. One other thing I think I should mention, is the possibility that even pizzagate itself is some sort of psy op. I know this sounds implausible, and there is obviously some elites freaking out about it, this will be something I will go into further details and evidence soon.
One of these occult groups favorites motto's is order out of chaos. They need to create the chaos first before they can clean up the mess afterwords, and instill their order, under their terms. Could he be the chaos they need? Or am I wrong? I will write more about this soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Former CIA officer explains the 7 factions within

In showing how truly chaotic these agencies are, I think he highlights the elites use of divide and conquer. Instead of having one cia do all their dirty work and know all of their secrets, they have seven cia's, so none of these agents know the full story. Not to mention all the other similar agencies and subdivisions. That way they get results and the agents don't become liabilities. This pyramid scheme, where everyone thinks they know what's going on, but really no one does is probably the most effective strategy that these shadow groups have learned to use.  So crazy, at first I was skeptical but everything he says adds up, his credentials do too.  He seems genuine and he would know. I would say he's spot on. This actually makes me feel optimistic, at least there are some agents like this. Time to abolish this worthless agency!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

JFK to 9/11. The essential history lesson they forgot to teach us in school.

This film does a great job explaining the Kennedy assassination, from the major players involved, to how the shooting played out. Both this assassination and 9/11 were such sloppy jobs, it just goes to show how far money and brutality will get you, when the media is in your pocket, you decide what is truth. It also summarizes the dealings of these criminal enterprises. Focusing on their known relations, from Nazi Germany, to the American mob. Presenting a clear concise, convincing alternative, from what is taught in our school curriculum. If you want to get to the truth behind these conspiracies, this film has done its research, the evidence is undeniable. We have to hope that these people are realizing they cant win this fight. In the mean time we must ask who is Donald Trump, is he just another rich man's trick?

Edit:If you can at least try and watch the first hour of this film, its totally fascinating. It shows that the same people who killed Kennedy, funded the Nazi's in WW2 or basically created them in order to take care of the soviet threat. Which makes sense considering the Nazi's occult connections, their entire army was basically an extension of skull and bones, or at least acting on there behest.

Monday, February 6, 2017

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Rothschild Central Bankers Global Govern...

The line between whats considered conspiracy and fact is getting thinner and thinner. If money buys power, and these people print money. Imagine what they can do with the amount they have at their disposal, with intelligence agencies at their bidding. This is a very real, very big problem.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pizzagate, the Victims

One of the reasons Pizzagate continues to grow, is because real evidence exists. It raises legitimate questions and until we've gotten some legitimate answers it's going to keep growing. I've noticed a common argument is well if it's as big as they say it is, then why aren't there any victims...? The sad truth is there are, a lot of them. I'm not going to go into detail on every victim, truthfully there are too many and by the time most can speak out, because of these abuse methods and their similarities and crossover to monarch mind control their psyches are anywhere from dissociative to fragmented to shattered which makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction. 
In the case of Pizzagate, victims are especially important, because as humans, once we can put a face into the equation it becomes something different entirely. We can see that someone, in this case a kid, a real little child's life could be in danger. Suddenly all the lies the media has been propagating, Pizzagate as fake news etc, these petty faults they find, the distractions all begin to dissolve, and we are left with a choice, will we let our doubt, our stubbornness, or our pride stand in the way of this apparent truth and getting these kids the help they desperately need? This post will follow the victims specifically. I'm sure I will not do them justice, but I will try. For every victim we hear from, there's hundreds of thousands we don't, even many who've tried to stand up and been silenced.
On one hand I'm dreading writing this, firstly because it's such a great responsibility to try and give these ppl a voice who don't have one. Secondly it is all so incredibly sad, the only redeeming qualities being these victims incredible bravery. These are heroes. Here we are, our lives comparatively paradise. Though they have gotten out and have had an opportunity to live a safe normal life. They still choose to go back, face their abusers and relive these horrors, simply to raise awareness, and what do we do? We ignore them.
  Melanie Shaw is one great example of a victim who has had to pay the ultimate price.  She is a U.K. resident and because they have an even more Orwellian state than us, w.o the safe guards of the constitution etc. When she stood up and spoke out about the satanic ritual abuse she had experienced from a very young age, she was further victimized. Falsely accused of arson and criminal damage, jailed, put in solitary confinement, and sexually assaulted by the guards. After she was given probation for that, and was still not dissuaded from her fight. They held a suspicious private trial for her where of course she was found guilty and thrown back in jail, where she remains. This is unacceptable we as humans need to protect and look out for one another, she recongnized this, but apparently we cannot, this is clearly her enemies making an example of her.  
In order to make this post practical, because there is so much information, and different types of victims. I will post general stats and sources, that all point towards this being an actual epidemic and one of the most lucrative black markets. Some of the cases I will focus on, are not necessarily because they are more or less important, but because these victims could still actually be in danger, another reason I'm not exactly taking my time w this. 
If I want this post to accomplish anything, I want it to add a human element to this investigation. It is much too easy to generalize pizzagate or because of its horrible implications see it as absurd or implausible w.o even looking at the evidence, we forget if there is even a small chance it could be true, it should be taken seriously. These are our public servants, we should demand answers. Imo unless you have seen some of the worst Instagram posts and comments, you really don't deserve an opinion. In any case some of you say there's no proof that it's connected to the business. Well here's a video of James Alefantis defending it  he seems guilty to me, rather than being ashamed, hes saying nbd. Wtf, he says we have 100's of children here all the time, as if thats not worrisome... Recently a customer at CPP filmed a video of Trump's inauguration party, where random children are seen dancing suggestively surrounded by adults and alcohol. So I think its safe to say this is a reality or culture of CPP. One of the children Im going to focus on here, has had reoccurring photo's within this channel. Many internet investigators believe this girl could be in real danger. While James is defending a pic of this girl, he says she is his god daughter and she was just playing, apparently convinced of it's harmlessness; which just goes to show his faulty logic.

 Whether this girl, Caris Cummings is actually James Alefantis's god daughter I'm not sure, regardless the more I find out about her, the more genuinely worried I become. Hopefully we can create enough awareness of her situation, then provide some pressure on the parents, to find out where she is and if she's alright.
She is the daughter of Corey Woolman and Scott Cummings, they ran a somewhat sketchy day care center in Oregon called Childroots for two years before the mother Corey got a job at Comet Ping Pong as an event organizer and they moved to DC.
Dad, Scott Cummings holding an apparently screaming girl on their business website.

So some photo's her family posted of her can be found between 2013-2014 but not many some of her and her siblings, then after this one in 2014, there are no more photo's or mentions of Caris on fb. I believe she was a common face around CPP while her mother worked there, and because of this strange fascination w babies this group shared, she became especially popular, with many more pictures posted on CPP's instagram, starting when she was basically a new born and following her as she grew up within those few years..
oddly enough many sharing this same #Carisjames hashtag

The mom and Dad were both participants in this bizarre instagram account. Here's a fucked example when jimmycomet or James Alefantis posts this picture of Caris then tags Ccwoolman her mother Corey, to make sure she see's it, and proceeds to call the baby a hotard, so yeah pretty unsettling

Heres another notable example this one is chilling considering the widely referenced word chicken within the context of sacrifice

An example being this email forwarded to Hillary Clinton from Cheryl Mills.

So after her families posts of her were done, pictures kept appearing on the instagram channel for a while this one being the last, this picture is especially revealing,,,and heart breaking. Jimmycomet first tags both the mom and dad. Now notice the dark circles under Caris's eyes, she is not healthy, almost look like bruises, also she is playing with electrical tape. Commonly used in child abuse because it leaves no marks, all very scary! 

These accusations are sickening, so I dont wanna point my finger at anyone specifically but her parents should protect her, so this all makes me mad beyond belief. Something here is wrong. If they have nothing to hide why haven't they cleared this up already? Seeing as many of the theories are based around this girl and her pictures, it would be by far the easiest way to put the conspiracies to rest. As a mother what could be a worse accusation than what many are implying online, why wouldn't she prove these theories regarding her family false?  Yet they have gone silent, moved back to Oregon, and switched all their accounts to private. So theres actually even more troubling details surrounding this family and Caris, I could write an entire article about this but I don't want to straight up accuse her parents. So Im gonna hold off on the blame for now, but just ask what gives? 

 Lastly I will point out one more connection, to a different group of children. What I've found to be interesting from studying this strange culture that surrounds this community. Is how painfully casual everyone is about all this, which I believe is proof these activities have been commonplace for 20+ years, probably much longer. This last email I will point out in relation to different siblings we've found, will be one of the emails from the podesta leaks.  It discusses a planned meeting at "the farm" which is itself a commonly mentioned topic within these suspiscious instagram and emails. It is forwarded from the nanny of these siblings mentioned, who was Hillary's chief of staff Tamera Luzattatto, which is sadly too often the story you hear behind these abused children, their own family members exploiting them. 

Notice, it specifically lists their age, says they will be in the pool for sure and refers to them as further entertainment. Now its all so casual that some would find it hard to believe, I know I did at first. Once you really think about it though and in relation to the rest of the evidence, this is obviously another example of what this group considers normal behaviour. 
Here is an article that goes into further detail showing these kids as actually listed online on a pseudo new age website that lists children, and mentions her siblings w same names, then even show's a picture of James Alefantis at Maeves birth, which is further suspicious because prior to this there was no known relation between the two. So sorry if this info is scrambled I gathered it in a hurry and I will hopefully be editing when I can, thanks for reading, lets spread awareness and save these kids!
Here's James Alefantis with Caris referencing the farm, saying she loved it....really? Come on guys this isnt that hard to figure out. smh

Edit: heres a powerful testimonial just posted by David Shurter, who was a victim of the Franklin scandal, and his views on pizzagate

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE [Banned Discovery Channel Documentary]

Heres a great 1994 Discovery channel documentary that covers the rampant pedophilia scandals within our government back then, apparently this has always been a problem, this was part of the Franklin Scandal, which was said to go all the way back to the white house w Bush Sr. Too bad it got pulled right before it aired! Lucky for us a copy was leaked. This documentary is especially important for those who cannot believe these coverups exist outside the catholic church. This shows that they in fact do, how profoundly fucked these people are, but also how they are able to live these double lives, and keep up this facade of a respectable politician.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fluoride: Poison On Tap

Since 1993 more than 300 communities across North America have voted to end fluoridation programs, largely due to awareness and education being raised, so spread the word fluoride is bad! From recently being classified as a neurotoxin, to it being widely ridiculed, petitioned and proven to be extremely harmful, with the majority of Europe rejecting it. Also lets not forget it calcifies the pineal gland! Ive been busy lately, but will be working to rid my hometowns water of fluoride by starting a petition and presenting these facts to the City council. Heres what you can do

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pizzagate The Haitian Connection

For anyone who doubts pizzagate, this will be one subject I will shine a light on. It is a perfect example of how these shady elite underbellies do exist, and it shows us how truly toxic these people are, seriously wtf could be worse than satanic ritual child abuse? Once you come to this horrifying conclusion, you will start to see signs of it everywhere. This suicidal, bdsm culture that is propagated to the masses by entities like MTV, Disney, and Hollywood. From subliminal messages in cartoons and commercials, to the completely overt display in the fashion industry, music industrymovies, and television. What pizzagate shows us is that this same seedy sub culture or underbelly at the heart of hollywood and other elite institutions, is well and thriving in Washington DC. 
It is a bipartisan issue that focusses on specific people within both parties. Though the elites would LOVE to convince us it is partisan, and have been trying to associate pizzagate with alt. right, tea party type rhetoric since its inception. Here is a protest that happened yesterday, this seems like an obvious form of astro turfing. I could almost guarantee these protesters were hired opposition, made to make the association between pizzagate and homophobia, westboro baptist church type, and on top of that to bring attention away from the pedophilic accusations and make it a "gay" thing. Really its bipartisan for example this guy Jeffery Epstein who ran an underage prostitution ring on a private Island, though more connected to Bill Clinton, was also close with Donald Trump. Its just as anti bush and neo conservative, as it is anti DNC and the Clinton foundation, as some of the evidence is regarding Dennis Hastert, the longest serving republican speaker of the house under Bush, who was also friends with John Podesta. Hastert was recently caught up in a serial child molestation case that went back 30 years. There is a specific email to Podesta regarding these accusations, recommending that Hastert disappear to an undisclosed private island in Japan, presumably to duck the law. How much more suspicious can you get? 
Lastly pizzagate is perfect because there is so much evidence that it is virtually undeniable, so its a good way to gage your own you could say conditioning, or the amount of resistance you will likely put up before you admit there is a problem. The more you look into it, the more flat out impossible it becomes to deny. If you disagree than I challenge you to try and debunk these theories or even look at the evidence presented and explain to me exactly why this isn't worth investigating; if you cant do this, then please do me a favor and stfu. There is almost too much information to lay out in one article. So for this subject I'm going to divide it into sections the first one being the Haitian connection. 
Even this section is so incredibly big I feel overwhelmed trying to cover it all, so this will just focus on what I consider to be the most damning evidence, specifically two separate cases. I'll start with the first, Laura Silsby. She was the leader of a group called The New Life Childrens Refuge. It included 10 mysterious "missionaries" who in 2010 were caught smuggling 33 Haitian children across the border. Upon further investigation it was found this groups said orphanage, that the children were being taken to was not even built yet, this entire ordeal has so many unanswered questions. Most of children were not even orphans, they had convinced  many parents to give their children this "better life" in America, and that they would still be in touch w their kids etc. It should also be noted that 33 is a very significant occult number. Bill Clinton arrived there days after the arrests, he convinced the country there was no wrong doing and 9 of the 10 missionaries were released, with Laura spending four months in a Haitian prison. It should be noted that the lawyer appointed to Silsby, an Jorge Puello and his wife were both convicted human sex traffickers. The wikileaks emails showed that Hillary and Silsby had a much closer relationship then anyone had previously known. There was even an email forwarded to her that discussed the prices of transporting the children. Hillary Clinton was apparently very interested, receiving constant updates from Huma Abedin on the case. We may never know exactly what was really happening with their relationship and these kids, but a strange fact to follow up with is that Laura Silsby now goes by her married name Laura Gaylor, and works at Alert Sense as their VP for marketing. This is the organization in charge of amber alerts, so you have to wonder why would such an organization hire a known child smuggler? 
This next case is more recent and involves the apparent "suicide" of Monica Peterson, a 30 year old American woman, who was a scholar, activist and critical voice in the world of human trafficking. She had recently moved to Haiti to further her studies and investigate this trafficking. During this time she would relay messages to a friend in the US, and her friend Belle, would post them on Facebook. Watching these posts progress you see Monica begin to make these potentially dangerous discoveries. She starts making connections between the Clinton Foundation, and the equivalent of "modern day slavery" referencing the Morne Bossa Mines, which are owned by VCS mining, a company Hillary's brother Tony Rodham sits on the board of. Then goes further and even says she cant say to what extent, but that there is trafficking involved. This seems to be her last message to Belle as her family was contacted soon after, and told she had hung herself. This article is a great critique of a Washington post propaganda piece meant as damage control to the questions raised surrounding her death.
The Clinton Foundation has to be the most shady organization ever, let alone charity. Here are the Haitians protesting against it. Too many deaths surround the Clintons to even begin to touch on, a notable mention is the murder of Seth Rich who was gunned down in broad daylight, w.o even his wallet being taken. He was a DNC staffer who had access to high level security and a Bernie Sanders supporter. Also whom Julian Assange has specifically indicated as the source of the leak, rather than Russia. Their recent CEO Eric Braverman has been missing for about 90+ days, George Webb's videos are very informative and touch on some of the more technical aspects of the investigation. This guy claims to have intel from various agencies helping him, and after watching the videos, I have to say I believe him. So if you're really interested in this investigation, Id recommend starting here. The Clinton Foundation are vultures. They find third world countries and areas in dire need of help. Then their organization along with other corporations like dyncorp, goes in, takes advantage, and sucks these places dry. Its time to stand up to these oppressors!

Edit: New information shows that Bill Clinton was connected to Friends with Orphans, the organization that Silsby group got the children from... Edit#2: Now new ties are connecting James Alefantis and CIA to this same Orphanage

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shirley Temple and the disturbing history of Baby Burlesk

I hate to post this cringe worthy stuff and I’m sorry! But this documentary is well worth watching and documents the sick heart of hollywood culture that has existed since it's beginning. The elite have always had this agenda to infect the masses with this ugly, backwards way of looking at things. They have continued this practice to this day, and pedophilia is still said to be the biggest problem in hollywood. Now they're just better at hiding it.

Comet Ping Pong and their suggestive FB profile

Heres a creepy connection I made, this is CPP's current fb profile picture. A man kissing a pizza, with a thought bubble that says "You Belong To Me"...... Ok a little strange, especially after all this controversy. I wonder what this Pizza represents?

 I decided to look further into this artist MC wolfman. He has a lot of what I would call strange art, but this one in particular caught my attention, because it shows us that this artist considers pizza to be synonymous with young, just a kind of strange coincedence! Dosnt prove anything but hopefully gives you a better idea of what exsactly this art culture at CPP is based around.

James Alefantis Owner of Comet Ping Pong, threatens investigators life and family!

Pizzagate by definition is an extension of these theories and because pizzagate is seriously trending lately, some of the more convincing evidence I'll put forth will probably regard this. Ultimately what pizzagate seems to be showing so far is a clear occult agenda, with some of the restaurants infamous instagram posts directly referencing shrining ceremonies.
 A much clearer picture of the people we're dealing with and how truly sick and disgusting they are. Which is actually important because they have worked very hard polishing an appealing image of themselves in your head. One of the reasons you see all this Illuminati, and bdsm culture propagated throughout society, is because they are pushing these things through Hollywood and MTV that they themselves are into. Once we have been subconsciously compromised by these manufactured confusion tactics, making us identify with them, also question our own sanity and moral compass, it becomes much harder to break their spell. Here is a news article, reporting that James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong and Pizza has threatened an investigators life along with his families. This story in particular paints a very different image of Alefantis then the press. Whether he acts like a pedophile is hard to say, but whats very clear is that he sounds like a criminal. A thug even, someone who makes threats like this routinely. So whatever image you have of a sweet innocent pizza shop owner getting falsely blamed because he supports Hillary, you can scrap that. For anyone who's interested in what's really been happening with Comet ping pong and Pizza this article should catch you up. Also for further reading check out the instagram link I posted earlier, it will bring you to PG wiki page.

Edit: Heres an update on James Alefantis, just a refresher. Confirmed picture of him in a Rothschild home, just further evidence indicating him as guilty.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

America : Freedom to Fascism

 This is an old school classic done by no other than Aaron Russo. He was a true American hero imo, a man who was already a celebrity so had no real reason to put forth these extreme theories, other than it was what he believed. Watching this film it becomes clear he knew the extreme risk he was taking, calling out institutions such as the IRS and the Federal Reserve and families such as the rockefellers, Morgans, and Rotchschilds. Which he very well may have paid for w his life. This film premiered in July 2006, in august of 2007, almost exactly one year later he died. That in all this time nothing in this film has been disproven, only further affirms it's legitamacy.  His Wikipedia page states he passed after a six year battle with bladder cancer, which I and many others find suspicious. High profile hits like these are often heart attacks, cancer or even aids, because these techniques are easy to administer unknowingly, and attracts much less suspicion of foul play. Interesting it says a six year long battle, yet he's not sick and makes no mention of health problems in this film, which he had just finished. Highly suspiscious, and when you take into account the nature of this film, we should all be thankful he decided to bring this information to light, lets not let it be in vain!

Some important points this film touches on 
  • The danger of digitalized money
  •  The ever growing reality of rfid's or national id cards that would come at compartmentalization of society. 
  • The hypocrisy of the IRS and income tax
  • The hypocrisy of a debt based monetary system.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mission Statement

Ok, this will be my first post for this new blog, titled Can I Live. Even though it is worded as a question, it has no question mark because really it is a statement, an expression of anger that these words would ever have to be spoken. Life is our god given right. I am starting this blog to collect, organize, and analyze data, that will help us build a case to prove that these same politicians, celebrities, and corporations that we trust to help shape our lives, actually deceive us. 
I want CIL, or NWO pulse, to work as a tool. A network where I will source information and articles relevant to my investigation and summarize my findings. I will publish the sister site, Conspirituality, soon. Here I will delve into some of the more metaphysical aspects of this battle. Eventually I would like to have enough raw data to be able to convince anyone who stumbles across, that these truths are in fact self evident.  I know the info's out there because I've seen it myself. 
Our banking system has been fundamentally flawed since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established and gold backed currency abolished(interesting this is common knowledge with many books written on the subject, yet is basically impossible to find a credible article through google or reddit searches). Since these institutions inception these elite societies have patiently tightened their grip over the entire world, creating similar international banks like the IMF and World Bank, through a divide and conquer strategy. They create wars and chaos, then come to the rescue afterwords only to set up more institutions and tighten their grip further. 
Occult elements permeate our society because the elite's belief structure actually centers around them. From Beyonces' music videos to the Olympic half time shows, to the back of the dollar bill; once we are familiar with these symbols we will literally see them everywhere! One of the first things you will learn when researching the occult is how essential symbolism is to them. The idea being that we are all subconsciously connected through Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious, these symbols and archetypes hold meaning within us, regardless of whether we’ve learned them. So now when we associate these powerful symbols with these elite entities, by their own definition, we are actually giving them power.
 So in simple terms this site is firstly meant as a resource to recognize the problem that exists, you could say to diagnose it. Once we have come to this recognition, Conspirituality, the sister to CIL, will be a resource for positive and practical strategies and approaches to stay balanced and focused throughout everyday life. Basically for me I've been searching a long time and am still uncertain about a great many things, however there are some clear truths which have become unavoidable and keep resurfacing only to get revalidated. These are the truths I will be focusing on. So thanks for reading and keeping an open mind, remember everything that is happening now is in relation to you, so keep your head, and keep your head up. One love.