Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Syria deception

  These pictures speak volumes. When you hear that the US is funding ISIS, this is what it looks like. These people are literally pawns, or assets for our intelligence agencies, probably the CIA. When we keep hearing all these reports about the white helmets apparent misconduct, it starts to make a lot more sense when we see this. I don't have time to go too deep, but I really don't have to. The media is getting pretty good at discrediting itself. I find it suspiscious that these white helmets were first on scene for this civillian gas attack and had camera's and media with them almost immediately. It is a known fact we have been trying to oust assad by funding ISIS, I dont even need to post a link, just do a little research. So i find it a little more than suspiscious that as soon as we begin peace talks with assad and things are beginning to calm, he would gas his own people, in broad daylight, for apparently no reason. Much more likely this was a false flag of some sort, or orchestrated by ISIS to get US more involved. This is our interest in regime change as far as I can tell. Its not national or humanitarian. Its for oil, to protect big businesses, and to have our two best buddies back, Israel and Saudi Arabia, both who would never dream of using inhumane tactics against their citizens🙄......oh the Irony.

Edit: Canadian activist who is familiar with Syria, explains whats really happening

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