Tuesday, February 7, 2017

JFK to 9/11. The essential history lesson they forgot to teach us in school.

This film does a great job explaining the Kennedy assassination, from the major players involved, to how the shooting played out. Both this assassination and 9/11 were such sloppy jobs, it just goes to show how far money and brutality will get you, when the media is in your pocket, you decide what is truth. It also summarizes the dealings of these criminal enterprises. Focusing on their known relations, from Nazi Germany, to the American mob. Presenting a clear concise, convincing alternative, from what is taught in our school curriculum. If you want to get to the truth behind these conspiracies, this film has done its research, the evidence is undeniable. We have to hope that these people are realizing they cant win this fight. In the mean time we must ask who is Donald Trump, is he just another rich man's trick?

Edit:If you can at least try and watch the first hour of this film, its totally fascinating. It shows that the same people who killed Kennedy, funded the Nazi's in WW2 or basically created them in order to take care of the soviet threat. Which makes sense considering the Nazi's occult connections, their entire army was basically an extension of skull and bones, or at least acting on there behest.

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